Basil, perhaps the most popular and widely used culinary basil herb. It is a tender annual, aromatic basil plant with a spicy odor and flavor. It grows 12-18 inches tall and foliage color can range from green to purple. Foliage size can vary from large lettuce-like leaves to very small leaves, half inch in size. Grow sweet basil in your kitchen garden.

It was apparently introduced to Europe from India in the late 1500s. There are several varieties of basil, but sweet basil is the most commonly grown, with more than 60 varieties to please the palates of those who love Italian, Indian, Greek, and Southeast Asian cuisines, among others.

Great for containers, but be sure to keep watered. If you were to grow only one herb, this should probably be it. Dried basil just doesn’t have the aromatic quality of the fresh leaves, which are often added at the last minute to many Asian dishes. Shop for sweet basil plant.

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